Not a Good Sign for the New Season

I try to be optimistic at the beginning of every Dodger season, but sometimes it’s difficult. Here are just a few of the issues / mishaps that are plaguing the team and the pitchers and catchers have just reported for work.

  • The ongoing battle that is the McCourt’s divorce – How can the question of who will own the team by the end of the season not be a distraction? It certainly didn’t help the Dodgers in the post-season last year.
  • They failed to pick up Roy Halladay.
  • Pitcher Jose Padilla was accidentally shot in the leg by his own bodyguard at a shooting range in the off-season. 

“I was shooting, then my gun just stopped,” Padilla said. “It jammed. I
looked for the bullet, and I couldn’t find it. I gave it to one of my
guys, and he couldn’t find it, either. Then it went off and hit me in
the leg.”


Update:  This story from LA Observed indicates that the Dodgers are planning on spending less on players, but will significantly raise ticket prices over the next few years. This is apparently to woo potential new investors. Just how do they plan to tell a family of four that, in these troubling times, the Dodgers plan to price families right out of the ballpark?


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