Wow, what a game! I do wish that the Dodgers wouldn’t make us wait through so much tension, but they do have a knack for the comeback. I listened to the game last night on MLB audio because it wasn’t on television here, but I watched the comeback video this morning (I’m not sure how long they leave these videos up).

Just a few thoughts after last nights game:

  • The Dodgers owe too much to other team’s mistakes. They’re a great team, but they owe last night’s victory to the error on Holliday and Franklin’s pitching falling apart.
  • The best line of the night was Scully saying of Holliday’s error, “It hit him right in the groin. Hopefully he’s wearing a cup.”
  • I expect Manny’s career with the Dodger’s to be over before the snow has finished melting in my backyard next spring.

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