The Stretch Begins

Here we are, it’s September 2 and the
Dodgers have a 5 ½ game lead over the Colorado Rockies and 6 ½ over
the Giants. This is good considering that they are 6-4 in their last
ten games. While this isn’t great, it’s certainly better than the
train wreck that they seemed to be in the month after the all-star

I spoke with my brother yesterday about
the recent Dodger acquisitions – Jim Thome from the White Sox and
Jon Garland from Arizona. While we’re both happy that these two have
joined our team, we wonder how White Sox fans feel about GM Kenny
Williams giving away the farm while the team was still in playoff
contention (hey, they’re in a better position than the Blue Jays).

Garland will be pitching tonight
against his former teammates, who we frankly won’t be seeing in the
post-season either.

On a funny note, check out Keith
Olberman’s post from last night comparing the new helmet worn by NY
Met David Wright to “Fred Flintston’s little green prehistoric
Shark-Jumping visitor from outer space.”



  1. raysrenegade

    Jon Garland is a great pick up for the pure fact he can eat innings up like kibble for your team. Great control pitcher who can make the game goe his way early and often.
    The Thome pick up was a bit odd, but gives your an awesome option off the bench at any time during the game.
    Better to have a big slugger like him up there than a barely hitting .200 pitcher some times.
    But he will also be a huge factor if you get to the Wrold Series becuase of his familiarity of the AL staffs.

    Rays Renegade

  2. aducker

    All I can say is the acquisitions didn’t hurt the Dodgers, even if people are still constantly debating how much it helped them. My fear lately is that the Dodgers have enough to coast into the playoffs but if they don’t work out their troubles at the plate this month then they’ll be toast in the 1st round. But it’s encouraging to see the Dodgers pitching doing very, very well even despite trouble by Billingsley lately. Pitching makes the difference every time and I don’t care what that idiot Bill Plaschke from the LA Times says, this Dodgers team doesn’t need that one big bad ace when they have several potent starters that will give you 5 or 6 and a strong bullpen that shuts down games.

  3. mctooner


    I agree with you about pitching. One ace doesn’t get a team into the playoffs or win it for them. Look at Roy Halladay in Toronto. He can’t pitch every game. You need several good starters.

    I also agree wit you about the hitting situation. A pitcher can come up with a perfect game, but his team still needs to score a run. The Dodgers have to get their hitting game together and be consistent at the plate.

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