It’s Been How Long?

I’ve been reminded this week of just how hard it is to be a Cubs fan. I think that we can all admit that it’s much harder than being a Dodgers fan especially with the clobber the Dodgers gave the Cubs last night (thank you Russell Martin)

My great aunt, who grew up in Chicago, died this week. The Cubs never won a World Series in her lifetime. But wait, there’s more.

My grandmother, who also grew up in Chicago, turned 99-years-old in June. The Cubs haven’t even won a World Series in her life time.

In the meantime, the Dodgers have won six World Series titles (55, 59, 63, 65, 81 and 88). Of course the Blue Jays have won their only two titles since the last time the Dodgers were even in the Series (92 and 93).


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    More sad stories here too, my 91 year old grandfather watched every single Cub game religiously until he passed away two years ago… naturally never seeing them win. Just 10 days ago my father passed away (I’m still coping and trying to take care of mom) at the age of 63, a more devout Cub fan I’ve never known, died in his sleep wearing his blue Cubs jersey that he refused to take off. Certainly it’s just baseball and there’s so much more to life than the heart-wrenching, heart breakers that are the Chicago Cubs, but I’m fairly certain I will follow my father and grandfather to the grave… also without having seen the Cubs win it all.

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